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A: Buying a home is likely the most significant investment you will ever make. All inspections by S2HI will be performed by the owner/founder of the company, Scott Saunders. Scott will inspect every home as if his own daughter were the buyer! He will objectively inspect and report on all of the systems and components of the home. He goes above and beyond the industry standards so that you will be properly and thoroughly educated. We will never inspect more than two properties in the same day and most days we will only schedule ONE. You are our top priority! S2HI is an excellent investment. Our onsite consultation along with our digital reports will leave you with the information needed to make an educated decision. The report will help you to maintain your home and prevent costly deferred maintenance. Schedule your home inspection today!
A: A professional home inspection is an impartial, third-party, visual evaluation of a property. A home inspector performs a visual inspection by looking for and identifying signs of problems, defects or deferred maintenance in a home. Home inspectors are generalists, similar to family practice doctors. They see lots of homes and are able to make experienced observations based on other homes of similar age and condition. When problems are discovered, specialists are recommended to further evaluate the problem. The most important part of a home inspection is helping you see the larger picture of what you are proposing to buy so your expectations are in alignment with the house. All homes have problems and all homes require repairs. A good home inspection is both a thorough evaluation combined with perspective so you understand how urgent, expensive, unusual or alarming the observations are that were discovered. A home inspection is not an insurance policy. Home inspectors cannot dismantle or tear apart the home. This limits what we know. Some homes present greater risk than others. A good home inspector uses visual clues to better understand the level of risk associated with what is NOT visible. For example, amateur and non-standard workmanship around multiple systems in a house raises the concern about what is hidden from view.
A: Absolutely! Whether it’s a 1930’s bungalow or a brand new ranch style home, EVERY home will have some problems. A good home inspector will use experience, knowledge and state of the art tools to help find safety hazards, deficiencies and even potential issues that may arise in the future. A good home inspection will leave you with the information needed to make an informed / educated decision. The best case scenario, you will have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase after an inspection by S2HI. However there are other times that an inspection will save you a ton of money! Either way a home inspection performed by S2HI is an excellent investment.
A: YES! We have found some significant deficiencies and safety hazards in brand new construction. Things can be overlooked during construction and/or building code compliance inspections. Things can also change after the building code inspector “signs off” on the permit. It is worth the investment for a quality home inspection by S2HI so that you can have peace of mind or a repair list for the builder prior to moving into your new home!
A: A home inspection includes a visual inspection of all readily accessible areas and components including: Grounds, Roof, Exterior, Gutters, Downspouts, Siding, Trim, Decks, Porches, Attic, Interior, Doors, Windows, Bathrooms, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Structure, Basement/Crawlspace and One Garage. An easy to read detailed digital report will be issued documenting all observations noted during inspection and important information for homeowners
A: You are encouraged to be present, however it is not mandatory. Some clients choose to show up towards the end of the inspection for a walk through. Being present for the entire inspection or just part of the inspection is very beneficial. The digital report will contain all of the observations and documentations from the inspection however “in person” consultation with a “hands on” experience has proven to be more beneficial than just reading the report
A: S2HI schedules a 4 hour time slot for property inspections less than 4500 square feet. Most inspections take a minimum of 3 hours leaving an extra hour for onsite consultation with the client. Property inspections larger than 4500 square feet can take as long as 5-6+ hours for the inspection process. We do not want to be rushed during the inspection nor do we want to neglect adequate time for consultation with the client. Remember this is the most significant purchase you will ever make!
A: S2HI will deliver the interactive digital report via email by 8:00 am the following morning for most inspections. There may be a rare occasion that the report will be delivered within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection. You will be informed of the delivery time during the inspection process.
A: The digital inspection report will open in your web browser. It is best to view the report on a computer however it will open on your phone or tablet as well. The report is totally interactive. The report will be in an outline format broken down into Chapters and Sections. The Chapters will be the larger groupings of specific areas and systems in the home. The Chapters will appear in the left side bar. You can click on any chapter to open that specific chapter in the report or you may simply scroll through the report chronologically. There will be several photos and/or videos for each observation. The photos can be enlarged for better viewing. To view a sample report please click Sample Report.
A: Not really. An appraisal is the estimated value of a home determined by a quick walk through inspection of the property and its comparison to recently sold homes in the same area. A home inspection does not estimate any value for the home, rather a home inspection gives you a 3rd party, non-bias, professional opinion of the overall condition of the home and its systems/components.
A: S2HI bases their home inspection fees on the size of the home (square footage), the age of the home and the foundation type (basement, crawlspace or slab). Contact S2HI for pricing of specific properties.
A: S2HI is a licensed WDI (wood destroying insects) inspection company. We offer WDI inspections as an ancillary service for an additional fee. We perform our own WDI inspection and issue the report along with the home inspection report.
A: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer according to the EPA. You cannot see, taste or smell radon gas. Long term exposure to elevated levels of radon have been linked to lung cancer. The EPA has determined that radon levels within the range of 0.1-3.9 pCi/l are acceptable for a residence with no further action required. Any radon levels 4.0 pCi/l and higher should be mitigated according to the EPA. S2HI offers a 48 hour continuous Radon test to determine the radon levels in the home as an ancillary service for an additional fee. For more information on Radon Gas click the link: Radon / US. We use a third party Radon Specialist to administer the testing. The company is a full service Radon company meaning that they also offer mitigation work. If the radon levels are elevated, a mitigation proposal will be supplied with the radon test results.
A: We respectfully ask that any cancellation be submitted to our office ASAP. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection date/time will be subject to a fee up to the amount of the inspection fee. Please note that the fee for Radon Testing is NON REFUNDABLE if the monitor has already been set.
A: To schedule a home inspection simply call our office @ 812-972-5271, send an email to or fill out the form on our website.
A: No. A home inspection cannot pass or fail. A home inspection is not a code compliance inspection nor do we have any authority to enforce any of the recommendations included in the report. The home inspection and report is valuable information for you to make an educated decision on the purchase. Home inspections can also be used for negotiations between the buyer and the seller but more importantly they will give you a complete understanding of the condition of the property prior to purchase.
A: No. S2HI does not offer septic inspections. A dye test is a common septic “inspection / test” that many companies offer with a home inspection. In our professional opinion, there are too many variables that can affect the results of a non-invasive test to justify the expense and liability. We recommend that you contact the health department for any available documentation or records on file for the property. Hiring a licensed septic system installer to perform an invasive inspection is also recommended. Septic systems are very expensive and can be very complex. It is best practice to contact a licensed specialist in that field.
A: No. We specialize in construction practices, safety, systems and components in the home. We stay in our lane. We recommend hiring a qualified pool specialist to inspect pools, spas and ponds.

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